Kitchen Sinks

Designed and developed for an elevated kitchen experience, Fiore’s handmade T-304 stainless steel kitchen sinks offer a fine balance between everyday functionality and aesthetic luxury. With a broad offering of options such as extra-deep basins, top-quality soundproofing and optional accessories, Fiore Sinks provide a timeless, contemporary and versatile kitchen workspace.

Kitchen Faucets

Low lead, solid brass and T304 stainless steel — the finest raw materials. Designed for versatility and developed to surpass the strictest quality control standards, Fiore’s kitchen faucets are not only beautiful and practical, but they also facilitate food preparation and enhance one's life in the kitchen. Fiore Kitchen faucets – a necessity for today's discerning and elevated kitchen environments.


Fiore's relentless obsession with the art of good eating and stimulating gastronomic experiences has fortified our commitment to share Fiore Life with everyone. Fiore appliances balance technological innovation, quality materials, sophisticated design, timeless aesthetics, and affordable luxury; all traits synonymous with Fiore Life™ — a complete thought for a complete.


Fiorelife Campaign In Home Magazine

Fiore Cucine is excited to announce the arrival of our new fall colors!  Fiore Cucine has always taken a less-is-more approach; whether be with our collections, or our design aesthetic and this fall's color palette is no exception.

Fiore Cucine’s recent installation IN WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA

Los Angeles, California, arguably one of the most vibrant international cities in the world, is the setting for a vast array of progressive art and architecture. This metropolis is also the chosen venue for FiORE Cucine's latest project to showcase its rich vein of innovative products.

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Want a quick overview of our Sinks and Faucets? Check out Fiore’s Product Highlights for features, accessories and options.

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